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Flat roofs may be vulnerable to leaks due to inadequate drainage and poor workmanship. Regular maintenance is required in order to keep the sun from creating cracks and blisters the roof's surface. Punctures are also common and generally caused by people taking a walk on it. Badly installed flashings may also cause problems. Flat roof repair will address all of these issues, whether the material is mineral felt, asphalt, copper, lead, or zinc. It is important to know that the type of material used will influence the cost of fixing it.


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Are you getting your roof to look shabby damaged by storms or wear and wear and tear? Perhaps it's time to patch some leaks or re-lay your asphalt roofing? We offer the most efficient Carrickfergus roof repair services to all types and styles roofing. Have you got your flat or pitched roof repaired, but don't know how to begin? We'll help you identify the best services priced to fit your budget.

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Any roofing, regardless size, material or design, requires some maintenance and regular inspections. This is particularly important after extreme weather. Any lapses could cause leaks that cause damage not just to the exterior but too to the interiors of your home. The sooner you deal with any problem, the cheaper the repairs are likely to be. Why live with leaks and damage even when there are professionals waiting in order to address the issue? Our video on roof maintenance highlights the importance of maintaining your roof and in good condition.