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Flat roofs can suffer leaks as a result of insufficient drainage outlets , as well as poor construction. Regular maintenance is necessary for preventing the sun from damaging and cracking the surface. Punctures are also common and typically caused by those taking a walk on it. The flashings installed incorrectly can cause problems. Flat roof repair covers all of these issues regardless of whether the roofing material is mineral felt, asphalt copper, lead or zinc. Take note that the type of materials will affect the price for repairing it.


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Is your roof looking shabby, suffering from storm damage or old age wear and wear? Maybe it's time for a patch or replace your asphalt roofing? We provide the finest Carrickfergus roofing repair services for the various types and styles roofing. Are you looking to have your flat or pitched roof repaired but don't know how to begin? Our team can help you find the best services in a price that fits your budget.

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The roofing of any kind, no matter what size, material or design needs some care and regular inspections. This is particularly important after extreme weather. The lack of maintenance can lead to leaks that could cause damage to the exteriorof your home, but as well to the interior of your home. The earlier you can address any issue, the less expensive the repairs are likely to be. So why should you live with leaks and damage when professionals are standing by to solve the issue? Our short video highlights importance to keep your roof well-maintained and it good shape.